Origami Jewellery Creation

Since jewellery is in the spotlight of today’s lifestyle, « Claire & Arnaud », the French design friends founded their own brand “Origami Jewellery”, inspired by the beauty of Japanese creativity.

The inspiration came during a night in the winter when their friend Masayuki Muraki taught them the typical Japanese folding handcraft. Because of the endless possibilities and the pleasure of creating new origami, the game took all night long.

Creativity and the joy of trying out always new ways how to use the folding made “Claire & Arnaud” forget time. The idea of origami earrings was born.

Their first collection made with thread and paper had this beauty of the moment. But the splendour of the Japanese shapes deserves to combine them with precious materials like gold or silver.

To produce this collection the couple decided to go to Japan to look for manufacturers able to reproduce precisely the fragile shapes.

Since January 2008, “Claire & Arnaud” introduce their first collection of jewellery with the model Tsuru®, the symbol of peace in Japan.

Then, the rabbit, the deer, the triceratop and others joined the family.

The ORIGAMI JEWELLERY jewels are now available all over the world.

claire@origamijewellery.com +336 61 99 52 14
arnaud@origamijewellery.com +336 64 99 32 10

Vous pouvez les retrouver à Paris, en province et à l’étranger.

claire@origamijewellery.com +336 61 99 52 14
arnaud@origamijewellery.com +336 64 99 32 10


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